Spectrum Goes From Live to Livestream

Well, this isn’t exactly the way we thought we were going to finish our 34th season of sharing outstanding chamber music performances with the Fort Worth community. But we are using this unexpected twist of events to try something very new and different.

For the first time ever, Spectrum Chamber Music Society is going livestream, in an event we’re calling,



Programwise, this concert is pretty much like all our usual Spectrum concerts, but out of respect for the need for social distancing during this COVID-19 health crisis, this time there will be no in-house audience. Instead, we will be livestreaming on several platforms, which actually allows Spectrum to have a wider audience than ever before.

Also, as the title suggests, the musicians performing on this concert will be spaced at least six feet apart for safety purposes. This will present a unique challenge, because one of the greatest qualities of chamber music is its intimate nature, and the most obvious manifestation of that intimacy is in the physical proximity of the performers. In a way, this is a metaphor for the “new normal” we are experiencing as a society, where we are renegotiating what it is like to interact with strangers, colleagues, friends and loved ones. Art truly does reflect real life, doesn’t it?

Between the pieces, we will show previously-recorded Zoom interviews with the performers, in which they’ll tell us about the music they are playing.

In times of despair, confusion and uncertainty, such as the one we are living in right now, the arts are an escape from our troubles, as well as a way of expressing the emotions that result from them. It may be awhile before we all feel safe and comfortable getting together in person to watch a live concert, dance event or musical as a community, but for now, this is a way to join together to allow beautiful music to wash over us and transport us to a more peaceful and relaxing place. 


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